About The Author

My name’s Raymond Cook and it’s my pleasure to introduce to you my 2017 western frontier serial killer eBook called, The Gunnison River Serial Killer. I am a 64 year old disabled veteran independent author.  I hope visitors to my website will find this particular story a wonderful twist on the subject of serial killers. The photograph of the man with blue eyes on the cover captures the powerful expression of a serial      killer. I’m very proud to be able to use this photo as my eBook cover. My goal as a     fiction writer is to breathe life into the characters of each eBook. If you’re looking for a western frontier story about serial killers, The Gunnison River Serial Killer is just the eBook to read.

The following authors have influenced me with how and what I write: Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, Larry McMurtry, Laura Ingalls Wilder and James Fenimore Cooper.

Thanks to all of you who buy, read and comment on this serial killer eBook.

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