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When many people hear the words serial killer, ‘Jack The Ripper’ in London in 1888 comes to mind. If you love a gripping western frontier serial killer thriller story with twists and turns, have I got a story for you. My name’s Raymond Cook, and I’m         delighted you found my serial killer eBook website. Writing and storytelling is my passion. I’m 66, and a self-published author of 33 western frontier fiction tales set in Colorado in the 1890’s.


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As an independent author, I’m responsible for my readers’ satisfaction, and        sometimes it leaves me in awe. My goal is to make sure you enjoy the story I’ve     written. I strive to bring the characters in my books to life in the reader’s mind. In my story, the serial killer is a alternatively process-focused man. Put simply, he isn’t      interested in raping his victims. His enjoyment comes from torturing and killing each victim slowly.

I love a good plot with characters that keep you turning the pages to see what         happens next. My writing journey began in 2011 when I published my first novel, Was It Fate Or Destiny? That book started a journey which culminated into, The          Gunnison River Serial Killer in 2017. Sit down in a comfortable chair, and get ready enter the world of a serial killer in 1898. This serial killer story is as much a thriller as it is a mystery, with an ending that is riveting. I hope you’ll lose yourself for a while in the old west era. Thanks for visiting my website.

-2018 Reader’s Favorite Five Star Book        Review-

The Gunnison River Serial Killer #27

5 StarsGreat! You would definitely buy this book, and definitely recommend it to your friends. You really loved the characters, the plot, the writing, and editing was superb.

Five Star Book Review By Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite. The Gunnison    River Serial Killer by Raymond Cook is a fast-paced, suspenseful novel that was very  difficult to put down. When Lolie, Deputy Marshal Steven Anderson’s wife, was         abducted, the book became impossible to put down at all. Deputy Marshal Steven Anderson was easily my favorite character in that he was willing to do just about     anything to rescue his wife.  I greatly enjoyed reading this book and I really hope the author decides to continue to write serial killer stories!

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The Gunnison River Serial Killer by Raymond Cook © 2017 is a 263-page (Mature Audience) suspense story that begins with the murder of two dozen women near three Colorado towns in 1898. Each woman was found brutally beaten and              murdered. Their nude bodies were found in ditches along a 44 mile stretch of road between Carbondale, Redstone and Marble. Local lawmen are baffled as to how the women were abducted in broad daylight, why they were murdered, and who the      killer is.

In each case, after a sheriff is alerted of a missing woman, seven days later, her nude and beaten body is found near that town in a ditch. The killer’s distinctive mark is plain to see, because the victim’s backs, buttocks and lower legs are savagely       beaten. The U. S. Marshal’s office in Denver sends Deputy Marshal Steven Anderson and his beautiful wife, Lolie undercover to lure the killer out into the open before he strikes again.

After a month of traveling between the three towns though, the killer always seems to be one step ahead of the couple, and more women are abducted and killed. The couple is frustrated and no closer to finding the murderer who slips in and out of towns with his victims unnoticed. When the killer finds out the couple are after him, Lolie is his next victim. After nearly being abducted, Lolie explodes in anger and dares the killer to try to abduct her a second time.

In spite of Steven’s best efforts to shadow his wife as she walks through each town, she’s abducted again. She’s now in the clutches of a sadistic killer who hates all women. She has seven days before she too will be murdered. Can Steven find out who the killer is, where she’s being held prisoner, and rescue her before someone finds her body along the road?

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“Raymond Cook writes eBooks about as fast as I can read them. At last count he has twenty-two titles notched on his belt—all Western Romances. Bookreview.com         encourages you to look it over.” M. K. Turner, Bookreview.com

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There’s nothing more frightening than knowing someone in a town is randomly    murdering women. If you enjoyed reading this eBook, would you consider writing an Amazon review? Reviews are important to readers who are considering reading an author’s newest book.

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 June 7, 2017, June A. I was skeptical in reading a book having a dark side while on vacation but the cover of the book had me     totally intrigued. I am under the impression that the writer has a multiple series of books. However, at the very beginning, I felt like I walked right into the story without missing a beat. Without giving it away, this is a good read and highly recommended.

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